Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Unhappy Feat

Oh Boy, where do I start?

Honestly, Happy Feet is like 4 different movies all put together, none of which is very good.

Ok, so there was the animated version of Moulin Rouge (1), the cutesy Disney-ish little outcast baby animal flick (2), the save the environment cautionary "let's appeal to the hippies" deal (3), and the creepy Twilight Zone part that just threw everything off completely (4). Add in the long, LONG video-game tie ins where the penguins just slide and slide and slide and you have a complete mess.

All I want to know is WHERE THE HELL WAS THE EDITOR?!!!

And not to be a total dick, but I thought the penguin was too fat to pull off any fancy footwork. Yeah yeah, I know, what a hater, but it's TRUE. The way the cartoon was drawn, that whole tap dancing thing just had no visual or audio flair. You know, watching this thing reminded me of that damned documentary "March of the Penguins". I remember sitting in the theatre bitterly realizing I had just spent good money to see a big screen version of TV static. Here, where the thing is ANIMATED, they still couldn't make a bunch of penguins standing in a blizzard any more interesting.

What happened here?

Oh yeah, and what was the point of the narration? Was this supposed to be the cartoon version of Morgan Freeman sitting around on his fat ass again? I mean, the story didn't even bother to tie in the whole Lovelace-becomes-a-real-preacher-by-telling-the-legend-of-Happy-Feet thing.


This was awful. Just Godawful.

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